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SSC Group is one of the leading Real Estate Companies of Uttar Pradesh natively based in the capital city of the state, Lucknow. We are functioning to serve the nation in fulfilling its one of the basic citizen’s essentials i.e. a shelter (Housing). In focus to Lucknow we are endeavoring affordable plotting projects of variable prices of approx Rs.1, 499/-, the plotting projects are active for 1000 sq ft ,1200 sq ft and 2000 sq ft. a feasible land range for flexible need fulfillments.

At present we have trusted customer relations with over 10,000 households. We look forward to serve more of customer band width to participate in these projects of plotting services offered by SSC Groups.


Our mission is to augment the living standards of nation by providing a land under our plotting projects that elucidate the development of living standards.Delivering world class projects with balanced organizational growth is our mission. Our motto is not only to build better homes, offices and commercial places but to also provide a better quality of life and environment to end users.


Our vision is to emerge as one of the most stable, identified and endorsed group in the Real Estate Industry.We aim at building better homes and delivering world class projects while maintaining a well-rounded organizational growth, just not only building better homes or offices but also providing better facilities, in order to offer a life of better quality.

2007 Sai Kutiya Infront of Babu Banarasi Das College Ganeshpur Rehmanpur Faizabad Road
2008 Sai Vihar Phase 1 Hasemau New Amity Campus Malhaur Gomti Nagar Extension
2009 Chhetennaha Garhi By The Name Of Sai Farm ,Indira Canal Outer Ring Road Near RBN College Faizabad Road
2010 Sai Residency Near Sahara Hospital Nearby Chota Barwara Jagjivan Das Inter College, Gomti Nagar Extension
2011 Chandiya Mau Gomti Nagar Extension, Near Stadium
2012 Lonapur Gomti Nagar Extension Near STP
2013 Chota Damariya Gomti Nagar Extension
2014 Bhaisora Gomti Nagar Extension
2015 Tirupati Residency Chachenda Outer Ring Road
2016 Tirupati Paradise Jamwasi Outer Ring Road
2017 Sai Residency Tindola Outer Ring Road
2018 Sai Vihar Hasemau Phase 2 New Amity Campus Gomti Nagar Extension
2018 Tirupati Paradise Phase 2 Jamwasi Outer Ring Road


Tirupati Paradise

Tirupati Paradise provides you a modern lifestyle. A very affordable project developed across 25 Hectare with all desired amenities.


Tirupati Residency

TIRUPATI RESIDENCY prides in presenting state of the art amenities at an affordable price.


Sai Residency

Sai Residency are committed young professionals with a great vision and ambitious plans to develop their landmark...